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Level term life insurance: Insurance when you need it for today’s bargain hunter

Insurance seems to be the talk of the town these days, although no one is quite sure what to expect in the months and years ahead. One thing is certain; people know that it is financially dangerous to go without life insurance even though they may feel like they can barely afford paying for an event that they hope will not happen for many years. We all know that the one thing certain in life is that we will eventually die, but we all hope that time is on our side and we can put off preparations for a while.

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Unfortunately, illness and accidents don’t necessarily strike only those who have prepared for them. If fact, according to one undertaker, the number of funerals he is asked to handle for people without life insurance is “appalling.” While it may seem rather cold, he displays racks of business cards and life insurance brochures in the vestibule of his funeral homeright where every person coming to view a loved one has to walk.

If you are feeling the economic pinch but don’t want to leave your family destitute if something should happen to you, you should check out the level term life insurance rates that are available through our search engines. Most companies will not send you pure quotes as many state commissioners will not allow life insurance quotes to be posted on the internet. However, once you complete our short, simply questionnairewith only the most basic and most essential information neededwe will connect you with the best companies in the business. You may receive calls from three to five agents who will be prepared to provide you with a quote that fits your family need and your budget.

Just to be sure you understand the terminology, Level Term Insurance is Life insurance that lasts from 5 to 30 years depending on the company and on your age and health qualifications. The word “level” simply means that neither the premium nor the face value (the benefit that would be paid upon your death) will change for the period of the term.  At the end of the term, the insurance can be renewed or converted to any other type of policy offered by the same company. Of course, the price at that time will be much higher as you will be many years older, so you should take advantage of the opportunity to convert as soon as you are financially able. Until that time, however, there is no reason for your family to suffer or to worry about what they would do if something happened to you.

You can usually purchase $200,000 or more of Term Insurance for well under $100.00 per month, depending on your age. If you need a spouse rider, additional accident coverage, or children’s riders, these are also available and add only a small amount to your premium. Some companies even offer riders for unemployment and disability. Each rider, of course, adds a little to the price, but you can often provide several forms of coverage for members of the entire family for much less than having multiple individual policies.

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